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For those of you who found this site while searching the web for pickup trucks I have a gallery of pictures taken at a Monster Truck Event on one of my other sites. Click HERE.

Introducing Web Pickups Galleries

Many times when and email comes in with pictures there are a group of photos. If I set these up on a page the page becomes long and takes a good bit of scrolling to see all of the pics. I am now putting some of those series of shots up in a gallery format.

Announcing a New Feature

I am setting up a do-it-yourself page. At the present time this will probably only work with text, but I am inviting you to post your own favorites on the Do-It-Yourself Page.

Welcome to the Updated Site

For the past couple of days I have been working on a major site update. Some of my visitors have been to the home page but not gone any deeper into the site. I hope that by presenting content on the home page that I will see visitors stay on the site longer, meaning that they found something of interest. I am putting the boring details of what I am doing with the site on this page. I am putting the information about what I am trying to do with the site into my version of an 'About Us' page that I am calling our Mission Statement. I hope that you enjoy the changes and that it is easier to find your way around. I have included a quick launch index for the sections on each page in the jokes and videos sections so that you no longer have to go back to the index pages to find something else of interest.  I am still considering how to implement this in the pictures sectiion, as I don't want to limit the size of the photos that I offer.

Note: The content on these pages has come to me by email.  If you own any of the content on these pages and want it removed contact the site owner here!

If you would like credit and a link I will be happy to oblige.

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