Here is a collection of things that come to me through my email network. The only things that are off limits here are politics (though not political humor) and the content that the terms of service of my web host will not allow. That means that the content of this site will range from G up through a solid M rating.  I will post primarily email comedy in all the forms that it arrives, including attachments.

The site is divided into five sections.  Check them out with the nav bars at the top of the pages. There is no guarantee of quality, and for now, not much quantity, but I am working on that. Thanks!!

I have added a links page to other sites that have similar content and I will be adding some links to games that I enjoy playing from time to time. Some of these links are link exchanges and the more visitors that come from this site the higher in their list this site will be listed. To check out the links page and visit any in which you are interested click HERE.

Note: The most recent addition are added at the top of the index pages.

When you return to the site you can work from the top down to where you have been before. Of course, you are welcome to revisit your favorites at any time. To send a friend a link to this site click HERE.

Note: The content on these pages has come to me by email.  If you own any of the content on these pages and want it removed contact the site owner here!

If you would like credit and a link I will be happy to oblige.

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