Some times you just have to ask yourself 'Will I live to be 80?'

I recently chose a new primary care physician.

After two visits and exhaustive lab tests, he said I was doing 'fairly

well' for my age.

A little concerned about that comment, I couldn't resist asking him, 'Do

you think I'll live to be 80?'

He asked, 'Do you smoke tobacco or drink alcoholic beverages?'
'No,' I replied. 'I don't do drugs, either..'
Then he asked, 'Do you eat rib-eye steaks and barbecued ribs?'
I said, 'No, my other doctor said that all red meat is unhealthy!'
'Do you spend a lot of time in the sun, like playing golf, boating, fishing or relaxing on the beach?'
'No, I don't,' I said.
He asked, 'Do you gamble, drive fast cars, or have a lot of sex?'
'No,' I said. 'I don't do any of those things.'

Then he looked at me and asked, 'Then why do you give a ****?'

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